KNOTbound – A Non-Profit organisation by the community for the community

Our Motto: To be bold, to be beautiful, to live in the world without fear

Our Vision: To provide access to quality services and education within our communities at little or no cost to the individuals seeking it.

Our mission: To develop a diverse set of educational and service opportunities, tools and resources relating to BDSM and to make these widely available to BDSM communities.  KNOTbound does not seek to undermine current organisations or efforts but rather to expand into areas not currently covered and to develop new and innovative methods to reach all people interested in BDSM.

KNOTbound rests on four strong foundational principals:

  • Ethics
  • Altruism
  • Quality
  • Commitment

Our focus is on the following four streams of services to our communities:

  • Education and Support Services
  • Cultural and Historical Preservation
  • Rural Outreach
  • Social Protection and Integration