The KNOTbound Lending Library is sponsored by Eagle Leather.

The Lending Library

The KNOTbound Library was launched in 2015 and was our first official offering to the public as an organisation.

Having an extensive personal library of educational material on BDSM costs thousands of dollars.  The KNOTbound Library is intended to make these materials freely available, ensuring that people are not disadvantaged in obtaining education by financial hardship.  Library management software has been purchased to catalogue and manage loans.

The library is comprised of both new and used books that have been purchased by KNOTbound or kindly donated to the library by members of the community. The intention of the library is to provide a wide range of kink related reading material at a very low cost to our community.

Membership to the library is open to the general public and free to anyone who wishes to register.

The KNOTbound Library operates during the business hours of Eagle Leather which are Monday through Saturday 10 am to 10 pm and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm.  Such extensive opening hours ensures high accessibility to the Library.  In addition, the store manages check-outs and check-ins for the library and ensures that the library is accessed only by registered users.  There is currently no organisation providing direct funding for the library.  Books are donated or used copies are sourced to continue to build the content of the library.  Books that are purchased are deemed of high educational value.  Some books donated are of a more cultural nature and included to encourage people to access and use the library.  Additional books and publications are maintained in the Australian BDSM Archives which will be discussed in further detail in that section.

A similar library is being considered for Adelaide.  Discussions are also taking place about the feasibility of opening a physical library in NSW.

Plans are being developed to expand the library to include e-books for check-out.  In addition, strategy is being formulated to create a mobile library for rural areas.  Last, mail out service has been requested and is being considered for feasibility for rural areas.

The organisation will be reviewing available grants to see if any are suitable to help KNOTbound expand the library model across a wider area, particularly the e-book and mobile library models.