The artefacts shown on this page are held by the Australian BDSM Archives. We have attempted to add a little descriptive history to each artefact where it’s known. We hope you enjoy viewing these priceless pieces of our culture and history.

ART1 – Handcrafted slave pendant . Circa November 2007. Base: mokume gane technique using german and nickel silver ingot. Overlay: copper with brass bead. Engraved back. Additional information can be found here. Worn by slave allspice, slave to Master Turing from 2004 through 2011.

Slave pendant – front
Slave pendant – back

ART2 – Chains Social Club 10 year anniversary pin. Circa 2016. Donated by Master Joe. Chains was started by Master Joe and slave kim in June 2006 in Melbourne Victoria. The club was sold in 2016 due to Master Joe’s ongoing health issues. Here is a link to more information on Chains.

Chains 10 year anniversary pin

ART3 – Club Kinky Membership tags. Circa 2008. Gold tags entitled members to enter a separate excusive space upstairs in the club. Black tags were for general membership to the public club area.

Kinky Club member tags

ART4 – VicLeather Keychain. Circa 2012. Donated by Master R. Given to registered members of VicLeather in 2012. VicLeather was a community association founded in 2012 with the intent of unifying the Leather communities in Melbourne, Victoria. The association disincorporated in May 2020.

VicLeather member keychain

ART5 – VicLeather Keychain. Circa 2013. Donated by Master R. Given to registered members of VicLeather in 2013.

VicLeather member keychain

ART6 – VicLeather Founding Member Pin. Circa 2013. Donated by Master R. Given to all registered founding members of VicLeather who enrolled in 2012.

VicLeather founding member pin

ART7 – VicLeather Founding Member Dog Tags. Circa 2016. Donated by Master R.

VicLeather member dog tags

ART8 – Hanky Spanky Keychain. Origin unknown.


ART9 – GEAR’d Pin. Circa 2022. Donated by Gerry Ebert. Created for GEAR’d Adelaide in South Australia. GEAR’d Adelaide was established in 2017 to showcase the unique and diverse community that has grown from the original roots of what was once known as Adelaide Leatherman to what is now known as Adelaide Leather & Fetish.

GEAR’d organisation pin

ART10 – Mr Adelaide Leather 2019 Contestent Pin. Donated by titleholder Zac Cannelli, a bisexual trans man living in Adelaide.

Mr Adelaide Leather contest pin

ART11 – Australian Handler 2018 Pin. Donated by Handler David Allen. Awarded at the Australian Pup and Handler Competition (APHC) held October 2018 in Melbourne, Victoria and hosted by Vic-PAH.

APHA pin

ART12 – International Puppy & Handler Weekend 2019 Pin. IPAHW was held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Donated by contestent Handler David Allen.

The International Puppy Contest (IPC) founded by International Puppy LLC in 2011 was canceled permanently on January 3, 2019 and was no longer involved with IPAHW or the International Puppy and Trainer Contest (IPTC) after the 2018 IPAHW event held in Saint Louis Missouri.

The 2019 IPAHW (IPTC) and 2020 IPAHW (IPTC) events held in Indianapolis, Indiana were produced, funded and the sole financial responsibility of International Puppy and Handler Weekend LLC (IPTC), an Illinois company. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 event was cancelled and the next IPAHW weekend will be held in 2023.


ART13 – Adelaide Rubber 2021 Contestent Pin. Donated by Levi, a rubber pup from Adelaide and the inaugural Adelaide Rubber titleholder in 2021.

Inaugural Adelaide Rubber title contest pin

ART14 – MAsT Organisation Pin. MAsT began in the USA, spread to Canada and was adopted in Australia in 2011. MAsT:Melbourne is a Chapter in the Masters And slaves Together International family and was the first Chapter outside USA/Canada. Donated by Master Joe, the Founding Director of MAsT:Melbourne and the Regional Representative for the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) region for MAsT International between 2011 and 2015.

MAsT organisation pin

ART15 – Slave Bracelet. Circa 2019-2020.

Silver and moonstone slave bracelet

ART16 – Slave Ring. Circa 2008. Worn by slave allspice, slave to Master Turing.

Silver and malachite slave ring

ART17 – Slave Collar. Circa unknown. Purchased from an antique store in Melbourne Victoria. Made from solid Mexican silver. Used as a slave collar between 2013 and 2016. Worn by slave raven, slave to Sir R from 2012 through 2016.

Mexican silver slave collar.

ART18 – Slave Collar (photo only). Circa unknown. Silver slave collar. Worn by slave winterrose, slave to Black Prince from September 2006 through March 2017.

Silver slave collar

Interview with slave winterrose

ART19 – Memorial to Black Prince aka Tom Walther. Circa 2017.

Black Prince memorial display
Black on black embroidery on t-shirt in display