Our People


Rena’ Leigh – Executive Director – National

Rena’ is the current Executive Director and brings years of experience to the organisation in both business and the BDSM lifestyle.  Rena’ has held business positions ranging from small office manager to corporate senior manager to her current work as a business analyst/architect in large corporations throughout Melbourne.  Today she works primarily on projects and brings a wealth of knowledge around building organisational structure, process improvement, business architecture and Information Technology.  In addition, Rena’ spends many hours a year mentoring graduates and other professionals thorough sponsored or private mentoring programs.

Her BDSM real time lifestyle experience extends from 1996 to the present with most of those years as an active participant within the Melbourne community.  Her 14 years as a submissive and her subsequent change to the role of dominant as well as her interest in SM and bondage have given her understanding of a broad range of WIITWD.  She has been a supporter of most of the clubs and initiatives that have sprung up over the years and has watched our community grow from a very small group to the large, diverse and exciting scene it is today.  

Rena’ is passionate about giving back to the community and that passion has been expressed over the years by creating educational opportunities such as discussion groups, workshops and a personal lifestyle training/mentoring program.  She founded KNOTbound in 2005 as a discussion group and has nurtured it through the years and through various permutations.  In making the decision to turn KNOTbound into a legal and fully functioning non-profit company, Rena’ hopes to reduce the organisation’s dependence on a single influence, instead turning it over to qualified community members to develop and grow.  Rena’ did the majority of the work required to incorporate KNOTbound Ltd and to achieve charity status with the ACNC.  

Her lifelong passion for  and involvement in her Leather lifestyle has led her to being selected as a judge for the 2019 Australian Leatherman’s Contest which is held in Sydney every year as part of Sydney Mardi Gras.

Rena’ makes an effort to attend numerous events and can often be found at munches and clubs.


Neville ‘Leif’ Brown – General Director – SA

Leif brings to the board a range of experiences.  He served as an officer in the Australian Armed Forces, has been a formal educator in the health care sector then went on to practice as registered nurse and rehabilitation coordinator.  Leif ultimately made a career change away from the health services sector to become an expert in the QA space.  He has gained expertise in WHS, Vocational Rehabilitation, Registered Training Organisations/Education, Validation, Compliance, Independent Quality Audit, Service Organisations and Customised Training and Development programs, Quality Management and Systems Support, Pre-Audit preparation, and Post-Audit support to get all quality aspects of an an organisation up to meet standards.

Leif has been a Director of Kenaz Pty Ltd since 2012 and Board Member of Brain Injury Network of SA since 2010.  His broad experience across many industries but in particular the health industry is a great value to KNOTbound.

In addition to his professional work, Leif has been a prominent member of the local Adelaide scene almost since it’s inception.  He and his partner run Inquisition, a long running educational space for both new and old members of the Adelaide scene.  Leif specialises in medical based scenarios and has educated many people in SA and other states through personal workshops and private lessons.  He is committed to education and safety to all members of the BDSM community and works tirelessly to ensure that people practice BDSM in a safe and informed manner.

Sot Aliadis – General Director – VIC

Sot has been part of the BDSM community in Victoria for several years but is relatively new to the practice.  Sot has been supporting KNOTbound and the Australian BDSM Archives since 2017 and brings specialist IT experience to the organisation which is of great value in managing and maintaining the Archival collections.  Sot joined KNOTbound as a Director in late 2022 and is looking forward to being more involved with the organisation and it’s programs.


There are a number of dedicated volunteers that help to build and implement the many projects that KNOTbound manages.  Our volunteers are skilled people who perform critical functions for our organisation and the community, by filling key roles and taking on a wide variety of critical tasks.

KNOTbound is truly represented by Australians far and wide.  Many more people are working on local initiatives and pilot programs to help us achieve the goals we have of serving our communities across Australia.  We would like to give special thanks to these people who work selflessly every day for all of us.  Our volunteers are the nuts and bolts of what we do every day.


We have had extremely generous people make monetary donations to KNOTbound Ltd, helping us keep our programs alive and growing.  These people have asked to remain anonymous but deserve the gratitude of the community they are giving to.  Thank you for your generosity of both spirit and pocketbook.