Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our BDSM communities

As an organisation devoted to serving the needs of our communities, the Directors of KNOTbound are considering ways in which we can give greater assistance to our people and communities over the coming months.

First, we encourage our community members to be proactive and to adopt the social distancing and self isolation measures that will help flatten the curve, allowing our medical personel and hospitals to treat those in need as they become ill. While many of us enjoy social events such as play parties, club events and munches which allow us to gather with like minded people and share our lifestyle, there are times when we need to put aside our personal pleasure for the health and well being of everyone. Our actions during these days affect not only our own community members but the friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers we have daily and close interactions with.

Second, in line with the announcement by Scott Morrison today about investing in non profits, we will investigate whether we can provide more services to our vulnerable people who may be struggling with debilitating health issues, social isolation or problems caused by disabilities. We will post updates on whether or not we will be able to offer direct help. As always, our call line, The Chain 0408 318 943, is available if people need to talk. If you would like to be a link in The Chain giving phone support to the people of our communities, please contact us.

Third, if you are a small business owner or a casual worker who is being impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, we encourage you to look into the federal assistance packages that our Prime Minister outlined today during his press conference.

Last, we hope that all our people and the ones they love stay safe through this time of crisis. You are all in our thoughts every day. Let us deal with each other through kindness and compassion as we each make the tough decisions we need to in the coming days.