Black Prince – NSW

In Loving Memory of Black Prince

11 May 1938 – 27 March 2017

There will never be enough words to express my feelings about Black Prince.  He was first the Elder I respected, then the mentor who I turned to for advice over the years and last, my friend and equal with whom I discussed the cares and worries of the world.  He was woven through my life in subtle ways, enhancing everything I did.  Sometimes I would play mental games, asking myself what BP would do or say, helping me come to my own decision but still influenced by his nature.  He was always the patriarch to me.  Others talk about his sense of humor and fun but our relationship always retained a hint of formality through the many years I knew him.  He was one of my foundations and his loss is keenly felt.  I cannot imagine anyone who could ever fill his shoes.  I only hope that I can continue to do justice to his patient guidance and gentle wisdom.  

We never said I love you.  It was always just there, between us, unnecessary.  Sometimes, something exists so deep and so true it needs no words to define it.  ~ Sir R