SirB – VIC

In Loving Memory of SirB

1 February 2005

It was many years ago that I met Ben, when I was new to Australia.  I couldn’t really say the very first time we met but I have a vivid memory of Ben at Looking Glass (the original, years ago) with spidey sitting on his knee during the Christmas party and Ben looking faintly red 🙂

Ben was many things to many people and although we didn’t always see eye to eye, I always counted Ben as a friend and hoped he thought of me the same. Due to life circumstances I was never able to get out as much as I would have liked for many years and didn’t get to spend as much time in his company as I would have liked.  Still, we had many good conversations and it was always inspiring to see Ben fighting to live life to it’s fullest, no
matter what was going on.

Ben, I swear I felt you looking over my shoulder this morning for a bit.  It was a good feeling and I shall miss having that feeling again but you will always be in my heart, in a special place.  Fly high and wide. ~ allspice