Social Integration/Protection

As individuals and communities we co-exist within a greater social structure that is designed to support all people but often fails to take into account the differences inherent within minority groups.  As a distinct subculture with unique challenges, we have often been hesitant to engage with the greater social structures around us that should give support but often fail to.  Fear of discrimination, of persecution, of losing friends, families, colleagues and the respect of our peers often inhibit us from engaging with outside organisations even when we have need of their services. 

To combat this fear and the often very real threat of discrimination, KNOTbound Ltd has or is in the process of, engaging with outside organisations to educate and advance the needs of people within the BDSM lifestyle. We hope by initiating conversations, training programs and more active partnerships with these organisations that we can reduce the fear our people live with and the risks that often accompany exposure.

The following activities and engagements currently in progress or planning stage  to support this work:

  • Festival participation
  • Membership in Ross House Association
  • Partnering with Wyndham City Council on their diversity event, Park Lounge
  • Discussions with mental health organisations on some of the difficulties our people have with mental health care
  • Discussions with Matchworks on how we can support our people through their programs
  • Discussions with the College of GPs to discuss anxiety about engaging openly with doctors
  • Engagement with Universities (see UoM Research Project 2020 Results)
  • Engagement with Law Enforcement through special liaison officers
  • Engagement with various diversity programs