Comm-UNITY Play Party and Fundraiser

Comm-UNITY is a play party / fundraiser for KNOTbound.

Hosted in the same venue as Snakepitt and The Playroom, the night will be focused on celebrating UNITY in our commUNITY.

As an organisation our focus is on connecting people and what better way to connect than to eat, drink and play together! So come along and lets do WIITWD while raising funds for our community services.

This is a ticketed event. Pre-sales are limited so get in early and help support unity in our community. Tickets are now available at Ticketebo under the event name Comm-UNITY or click this link

There will be a raffle on the night to raise money for the Australian BDSM Archives. Raffle tickets may be purchased before the night. Please contact us if you would like any raffle tickets or if you would like to help us sell raffle tickets.

* DM’s will be in attendance on the night. If you have any questions or safety concerns, please talk to a DM.
* Large play equipment will be available. Please provide your own personal toys.
* Dress code is smart casual or fetish
* A cloak facility is available
* This is a no sex event. However nudity is allowed.
* A photographer will be in attendence if you would like your photo taken. Photos will only be taken if requested or if consented to. No photos will be released to public sites without written permission. You can contact us after the event for any personal photos. We may ask for consent to add photos to the BDSM Archives as part of the history of the event.

If you have any questions, please contact us at kntbound@gmail.com.