CWAK Volunteer

CWAK is designed to allow people to briefly connect with other like-minded people for short term support or to answer questions.  In the future we intend to provide a way for people to log onto the KNOTbound website, chose a few parameters and have their contact details sent to a person on the CWAK register who will contact them connect with them about their query.

How To Volunteer

To help people connect to the best possible match we need to collect information that will help us match requests to people with the relevant background and/or experience.  Please fill in the below information and click “send”.  We will register you in the database and, when a matching enquiry comes in, we will contact you before forwarding to ensure you are still an active volunteer.

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All Personally Identifying Information collected on this form will be used only to identify the person volunteering for the purpose of matching to a CWAK request and will not be used for any purpose other than the express purposes identified on this form unless additional permission from the volunteer is sought.  Information will not be used for purposes of marketing products or services to the donor or provided to third parties for such use and will be held in a secure database with access only by authorised persons within KNOTbound Ltd.  This information will not be made public in any form except the email address which will be sent to the person making a CWAK request.