Educational Classes


There are many workshops currently running in BDSM communities around Australia and KNOTbound seeks to enhance these offerings on an ad hoc basis. Ad hoc educational classes have generally been offered by KNOTbound on topics that are not currently being covered by other organisations or people to ensure a stable base of information.    As part of our educational program we will be seeking grants to create a more robust educational offering system including more online educational tools and classes/materials developed to target specific demographics rather than the more generic one size fits all that currently exists.  For example older people coming into our community are disadvantaged in making connections or finding people to learn with.  Younger groups tend to avoid traditional learning models, making them a higher risk group.  Middle aged people often have young children and have many questions about how to manage their lifestyle interests in balance with their family life. 

KNOTbound also seeks to help stabilise education in our communities, offering a consistent core of foundational education that can be drawn on at need.  Many community events and offerings are built around individuals.  When those individuals leave our communities due to choices, illness or death, these offerings disappear and educational gaps are created in our communities.  By creating a flexible and adaptable educational system that is not based on individuals, we seek to mitigate these “losses” of knowledge.  

These courses are open to the general public.  Basic introductory classes are free of charge.  Advanced classes are currently priced at $10 a class to cover venue costs, re-affirming our commitment to free and low cost education. A list of past classes can be found at the following link under Completed Events:

Current workshops, classes and events can be found at KonKurrent.

Online Education/Improved Education – Future

KNOTbound has a goal to create top quality education packages that can be delivered via online services and through training modules for presenters in the community, educating the “educators”.  We intend to use cutting edge strategy and technology, using many available tools to grow and develop a robust and useful platform for people seeking to learn.  In doing so we will be able to offer online courses for those that are outside of larger communities or who, for other reasons cannot or will not attend public classes and workshops.  We also hope to expand the local face to face workshop models of our communities by helping our local people create better training materials and courses and encouraging people through our online programs to connect also with their local communities.  In this way we hope to promote a diverse and thriving educational foundation for anyone within our subculture. 

These courses will be open to the general public.  Fees will be determined as each offering is produced but will be in line with KNOTbound Ltds commitment to free and low cost educational opportunities.  In general basic introductory material and classes will be free and more advanced courses will have a small fee required.  This is in line with current practice.