KNOTbound at Park Lounge III

KNOTbound at Park Lounge III

The weather was hot and windy when the team of volunteers arrived at Kelly Park in Werribee for the Park Lounge event, which made setting our fixtures, tables and items up that little bit more interesting. It was good that we had several knot experts and crafty minds on hand to make sure that nothing important blew away!

Face painting table

Once the live DJ’s settled in and began their upbeat music, the event began to liven up as the slow trickle of the public began to filter in. It wasn’t long before children began to visit our free face painting chair. This was coupled with our rope experts who crafted free paracord keyrings and bracelets, premade or customized from the knotted selections they’d prepared and the various colours of paracord that we had available .

Soon the event buzzed with activity as food, drink, retail and information stalls around us alike drew the attention of the incoming crowd. Acts began to take the large stage, the highlight being the varied talent show which included drag queen acts, a ukulele band, dance acts and our very own skit, “The Bratty Sub”, performed by two of our volunteers.  Check out our YouTube video link above!

Guessing Game prize basket

Our booth continued to thrive with activity as the public crowd was entertained by the acts on stage. A large variety of the public visited the KNOTbound booth to make guesses in our chain link guessing contest, watch our rope masters at work tying knots, see the information we had on  display or speak to one of our friendly volunteers about who we are, what we do and what we are working to achieve in the BDSM community.

The day sped by for us all, and once the main talent show had ended, our chain guessing contest was drawn from the many entries that had been placed. The winner was a young girl of perhaps no more than 8 or 10 years old who was thrilled with her prize basket.

Our volunteers, once food and drink had been administered, where able to relax and revel in the cool change that swept through the park. Throughout our group there was a sense of accomplishment, positivity and vibrance in the day’s running’s and event in general.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to those that joined us at the Park Lounge event run by the Wyndham City Council. It was a great day, a lot of fun was had all round and our team left feeling very positive about the work that KNOTbound is doing, and will continue to do in future.

KNOTbound team