Mentoring Program – Coming Soon

There has long been a desire expressed in our subculture for a mentoring program that people can trust.  When the subculture was smaller, more difficult to find and restricted, mentoring happened naturally and most people had at least one mentor in the early days of their learning.  With the opening of the subculture spaces to the general public, this enforced mentoring has disappeared and many people express a sense of loss and uncertainty about how to move forward.  KNOTbound Ltd will soon be releasing a pilot Mentoring Program to the Melbourne community.  If successful, we will be expanding this program to other states.  Our mentoring program, which is being developed now, will follow standard mentoring guidelines including training of mentors, induction of mentees in what to expect from mentors and mentoring, rules and obligations of the mentoring program, matching of mentors and mentees, and monitoring/feedback of the mentoring program.  As this is still in the planning stage, there will be additional information added to this space at a later date.

Mentor applications will be approved for people who have proven experience and knowledge of the lifestyle to ensure that the mentoring relationship is a value proposition for mentees.  Any person may apply to be a mentee under this initiative.  The initiative is free of charge to either party. This program will run twice each year for a period of 6 months for each instance.