Novice and Newbies Intensive

The initiative known as the VNN or Victorian Novice and Newbies Intensive has a long history in the Melbourne BDSM community. Started in 2012, this event is one of our most popular and consistent events. This intensive is designed to pass on a large amount of basic information on to people who are new to BDSM and are about to enter into exploring BDSM and their local communities. There is a 2 hour long BBQ to allow people to get to know each other a bit, then a 4 hour talk which covers a wide range of subjects. People are asked to bring food to share at the BBQ and to bring whatever they want to eat or drink for themselves. There is no charge to participants.

An outline of the Novice and Newbie Intensive can be found here. At the end of the talk, participants are given a tour of a play space and introduced to what we call “toys”. Descriptions of the use of these “toys”, their care and upkeep, the learning associated with them (for example the need to learn anatomy for rope bondage and the need to keep safety scissors handy) as well as the joys and dangers of use are discussed. The day gives participants a more realistic view of the subculture they are entering to give them the ability to engage in a safer and more educated manner. The entire day lasts approximately 7 hours and each person or couple is given a book to take with them.

This event is open to the general public and is free of charge to participants. There is a cost to run the workshop of approximately $35 to $40 per person which is covered by KNOTbound Ltd. The event runs quarterly.

KNOTbound Ltd is currently looking into the feasibility of expanding this initiative to SA and NSW