Seeking CWAK Volunteers!

Do you enjoy helping other people?

Do you like talking about your kink?

Are you knowledgeable in some aspect of BDSM or your local community?

Connect With A Kinkster (CWAK) is an initiative designed to help people in need of advice from, or simply a chat with, someone who has knowledge they can gain from. This might be having a conversation about a specific skill area in BDSM or simply providing some support as they work through a problem or issue they are having.

We are currently looking for people who would like to be in our CWAK network and available for contact.

How It Works

We collect an email address you are comfortable being contacted on (gmail addresses are easy to set up if you don’t want to use your regular one). We also ask what areas of information or support you are happy to be contacted about. We put these into our database and when a CWAK enquiry comes to KNOTbound Ltd, we match it against our database and forward it on to one of the people with the appropriate matching information. We also ensure that we cycle through respondents to ensure that no one person is overwhelmed by enquiries and that multiple viewpoints are supported. We will also collect feedback and pass this on to our CWAK volunteers so that everyone can have the opportunity to understand what is valuable and not valuable in this space.

If you would like to be a CWAK volunteer, please send us an email through our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how you can be part of this great initiative supporting our communities.