Thank you to Curious Creatures for your AWESOME support!

Along with a very generous donation to KNOTbound’s programs, Rog at Curious Creatures has this to say about the organisation and why CC is supporting it:

“Along with a financial commitment, I would like to express my support for KNOTbound and its activities.

I share the aims that KNOTbound seeks to achieve:  Of better outcomes for alternative sexuality communities, the individuals within them, and the broader mainstream culture they exist within.  Additionally, I appreciate that those outcomes are being pursued using heavily ethics-informed methods, and a community-development approach.  As with any niche group of people, kink communities often experience a heightened need to have opportunities to develop, experience, and celebrate who they are – a group of people with shared interests, a shared identity, and often shared goals.  I appreciate the efforts in taking the considerable knowledge that the BDSM and kink communities have gained in relation to exactly how to explore sexuality in ways that are safe, enjoyable, and well-consented to, and to make that body of knowledge available to a wider audience.  Simultanously, there is a recognition of the need to acknowledge the supports and resources that are not typically available within niche communities, and do some bridge-building.  This includes the need for specialised support services able to provide things like counselling, relationship mediation, and support services in what is sometimes a complex human context.

It’s important to engage with the wider community also, and help re-frame some sometimes negative attitudes towards niche sexual expressions.  This perspective needs to be supplanted with the understanding that when individuals are free to safely explore themselves and their sexuality, it’s generally a very positive process.  If the mainstream can be supported to understand that a person’s explorations of kink are generally built around creativity and empowerment, it will be better for everyone.

Finally, I accept and encourage the challenge being made towards sexuality educators in Australia and abroad, in terms of needing to set a high standard of professional and personal conduct.  It is always possible for us to do better, and I appreciate KNOTbound’s efforts in this regard.”

Roger Butler
Principle Facilitator – Curious Creatures