To All Submissives, Bottoms, Masochists and Slaves

Jacqui Williams, a PhD student at Monash University, and one of our valued community members, is working on a research project designed to help broaden understanding of certain aspects of our community. Jacqui previously worked with submissive women for her Honours thesis and is seeking to add greater depth to that work by broadening the scope to include bottoms, submissives, masochists and slaves across all genders.

This is a specialised area of study and very little has been done to expand understanding of this group by people doing studies on BDSM.

At KNOTbound we support the advancement of knowledge both inside and outside our communities. Having spoken in depth with Jacqui about her project, we are happy to support this work and encourage those interested to get involved.

For more information on this project or to contact Jacqui, please visit her page, BDSM and the Body.