Victorian Novice and Newbie Workshop for 25 Feb

We kicked off our 6th year of presenting the quarterly VNN with a great bunch of people.  We’d like to extend a warm thank you to the 15 people who came, BBQed, chatted, made connections and listened to a load of information designed to help newcomers to the BDSM scene in Victoria get a head start on what can sometimes seem complex and overwhelming.  It was wonderful to see people making connections with each other, sharing experiences and getting on with getting on with their kink!  A special thank you as well to Lolly who made served at the VNN and helped everyone get comfortable as well as seeing that coffee and teas were passed out as needed and did the hard yards of cleanup afterward.  Our volunteers are what makes what we do so special.

Looking forward to the next VNN in May when we will get a chance to meet another great crowd of newcomers and welcome them to the local BDSM scene.