Volunteer Portal

People who want to become KNOTbound volunteers can ask to be registered in our volunteer database.  Registering gives volunteers the ability to see where the organisation has a need for volunteer work and volunteers can schedule in hours they’d like to work on various “assignments”.  Assignments might be as simple as a few hours manning a festival stall or might be of a more complex nature such as helping to catalogue the Australian BDSM Archives.  

Using Volgistics as our volunteer management system, KNOTbound is able to keep track of all the hard work our volunteers do for the community each year.  Besides allowing us to report accurately to government bodies on what we do, it also allows the organisation to recognise our volunteers achievements and provides a tangible record of their efforts to make our communities better for everyone.

If you would like to join our registry of volunteers, please click this link:  Volunteer Application Form.  You can access the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement here.  KNOTbound Ltd is committed to working in alignment with the volunteer standards in all our intiatives.

You can see what work our volunteers are doing here: Volunteer Opportunities

If you are already a registered volunteer, you can log in to schedule or timesheet your time by clicking this link: Volunteer Information Center


Q: Why do I have to put in an application?

A: We have over 30 volunteers across four states and one territory and our volunteer base is growing every week.   To ensure that we are able to manage all this amazing talent, we need a tool that helps us connect our volunteers to the work they want to do and to each other.  We’ve chosen Volgistics, a specialised webbased application as the tool to manage our volunteer information.

Q: If I send in an application, will my details be visible to everyone?

A: No, your details won’t be visible to everyone. Full details will be visible only to the two administrators of the volunteer database.     Contact details are available only to administrators and schedule coordinators.  Coordinators only see the following information which they need to contact volunteers for scheduling purposes: Name, email and, if marked as available for calls, phone number.  It’s up to you if you want to be contacted by phone.

Q: How do I know my information is secure?

A: As a legal company we are obligated to protect the privacy of our volunteers which is why we use Volgistics to manage and secure volunteer information. You can find their site and security policy here. As a tried and true provider to many companies, we’ve found their service excellent and feel every confidence that the privacy of our volunteers is protected. 

Q:  What happens when I apply?

A: When an application is received, it goes into the Volgistics application database and only the administrators can see it.  Our Executive Director currently reviews all applications and contacts the applicant to discuss further.  Only after that discussion is a volunteers information approved to move into the main database meaning coordinators can now see a volunteer on the list.  If a volunteer decides not to continue the application process, the application is deleted from the system.  

Q: What do you mean by ‘scheduling’?

A: Volgistics allows us to set up events and types of work so that our coordinators can put in the days and times we need volunteers.  Once a coordinator has set up a schedule, volunteers can choose when they would like to volunteer and for what events or work.  Volgistics also allows volunteers to book their time against the work they do, allowing us to track a volunteers work in the community.

Q: Why do you need to track my time?

A:  Part of our obligation as a charity is to prove we’re actually doing the work we said we would!  Each year we need to submit a report to the ACNC on how many hours we’ve spent on what work and how many people worked those hours. No personal information on our volunteers is provided to the ACNC, only aggregated information.

Q: This seems very complicated.

A: Volgistics makes it all easy.  A volunteer simply signs in, looks at the calendar for opportunities, clicks and adds their name.  The coordinator for that event or initiative will then contact you with more information. Timesheeting is similar.  Simply log in, click the day you’ve volunteered, enter your hours and save!