Artefacts for the Archives

We are very happy to announce that we have recently acquired priceless new artefacts for the Austalian BDSM Archives.

First, in June we attended a fundraising event for the Pinnacle Foundation, which was hosted by Laird Leatherman 2018 Kevan Walsh. As well as raising money through ticket sales, Kevan ran an auction to raise further funds. It was through this auction that KNOTbound was able to attain the below two artefacts: a t-shirt signed by all the Laird Leathermen through 2012 and a rare book that was created as part of another fundraiser and also signed by Laird Leathermen, The Illustrated Guide to the Hanky Code. Both these artefacts are now housed in the Australian BDSM Archives where they will be preserved and presented for showing to the community at a future date. Kevan went on to run another fundraiser for Pinnacle and raised a total of $10,000. Well done Kevan!

Then in July we went to visit Master Peter and slave rosie in Ballarat to reminisce about the days of Dragonhouse Farm. From its earliest days as a country retreat to its last incarnation as a bed and breakfast, Dragonhouse was a warm and welcoming space for the new and the experienced kinkster.  Our communty in the Melbourne area has been poorer since the day Dragonhouse had to close the doors.

Today the Australian BDSM Archives have, through the generosity of Master Peter and slave Rosie, acquired the original Dragonhouse shield. The dragon on this shield is replicated on all Dragonhouse published material and is well known and loved by many people.

We are deeply pleased to be entrusted with this artefact which will be restored and given a prominent place in the Archives.

In addition to the shield, the Archives are home to a number of photographs that Master Peter created under the name of Katsai Photography. Much of Master Peter’s work with a camera is, unfortunately, in risk of being lost forever as the works were promised only to those that commissioned them and without the consent of the people photographed, the remaining works will be destroyed upon Master Peter’s passing. If anyone would like to help us commemorate his work by providing the Archives with a copy or by signing a release form for Master Peter to release copies, we would be enormously pleased to be able to add to this collection. Please contact us if you or someone you know would like to be part of helping us preserve this precious heritage work.