Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our BDSM communities

As an organisation devoted to serving the needs of our communities, the Directors of KNOTbound are considering ways in which we can give greater assistance to our people and communities over the coming months. First, we encourage our community members to be proactive and to adopt the social distancing and self isolation measures that will […]

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Artefacts for the Archives

We are very happy to announce that we have recently acquired priceless new artefacts for the Austalian BDSM Archives. First, in June we attended a fundraising event for the Pinnacle Foundation, which was hosted by Laird Leatherman 2018 Kevan Walsh. As well as raising money through ticket sales, Kevan ran an auction to raise further […]

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Harbour City Bears Donate Proceeds to The Chain

The Harbour City Bears in Sydney are again showing their generosity and community spirit by actively supporting The Chain.  This Friday starting at 7:00, their bootblacks will be on hand to clean and shine boots and gear throughout the evening of Bears on Friday Leather Night.  Half of all proceeds from the shines will be […]

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