What It Is

Connect With A Kinkster (CWAK) is the newest offering by KNOTbound Ltd. CWAK is a free connection service to help people in BDSM to easily connect with other like-minded people for short term or one off support.  We understand that not everyone feels comfortable talking about their problems on social media sites, large scale discussion groups, or in public places.  Some people prefer to connect on a one on one level with someone who might be able to help them see solutions to issues they are struggling with or who is simply willing to listen.  This is where CWAK comes in.

 With a database of people from diverse backgrounds in areas such as play techniques, alternative style relationships, parenting in the lifestyle, and much more, we can connect people around Australia with like-minded others for short term support. For example you might:

  • have a question on how to handle a new situation in your D/s relationship.
  • be wanting to try some new technique or style of play you feel unsure about.

have worries or doubts about your lifestyle choices.

  • seek understanding of a situation that is outside your regular experience.
  • have run into a problem that you need help with.
  • be feeling isolated and just want to connect with someone you can talk to freely about the things that matter to you.

How It Works

Using our contact form, simply send us an email with your questions.  We will review our database to find a good “fit” from one of our CWAK volunteers and send your query on to them. We ask our volunteers to try to respond as soon as possible. If the matter is urgent, someone will get back to you as soon as the query is picked up.  In a few days we will contact you to see how it all went.

That’s it. It’s simple and easy.

Currently this is a manual process and we ask for some degree of patience while we go through the matching process.  In the future we hope to make it even easier by automating the process so there is less delay in answering your query.

Some things to consider when putting in your query: 

  • Choose the Priority response level you need.  If you choose “Urgent” we will try to contact you same day.
  • Tell us if you would like email only contact or if you are happy with phone contact.  Think about setting up a separate email account if you are concerned about contact to your regular one. Setting up an account with Gmail, yahoo and other organisations is easy and free.
  • We maintain a large selection of matching points such as: location, age, gender identity, role orientation, relationship focus, parenting, years in BDSM, types of experience (online, face to face, public, private) and skill/knowledge areas. Make sure to check the type of matching information you’d like considered.  Put more detail in the message section of your email.
  • We do not do background checks on our volunteers as this is simply a connection service and we make no claims to the truth of what people have told us. Please always use caution when receiving advice from any source and we advise, if possible, check with more than one source for information. 
  • If you are not happy with the advice you’ve received or the contact, be sure and tell us! We need feedback to improve this service.


If you would like to become a CWAK volunteer, send us a message through our CWAK Volunteer contact form and we will add you to our volunteer database.

For information on how we handle your Personal Identifying Information (PII), please review our Privacy Policy at the following link: Privacy Policy

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