Sponsor A Newbie

The VNN was started in 2012 after discussion with people in the Fetlife group, Victorian Novices and Newbies, to find out what would be helpful for people just entering the scene. The first VNN was simply a workshop but it was decided that time to socialise before the information session would help people relax more and start to make connections with other members of the community.

Hence the current format was born:

  • A two hour BBQ and social time
  • A four hour presentation of basic information
  • A trip to the dungeon and a brief explanation of the equipment there

In addition, every first time VNN participant (yes, some come back for seconds!) receives a free copy of the book “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns”.

The cost of running the workshop is approximately $40 per participant. This includes:

  • Cost of the books (10 books currently cost $362.00)
  • Salads and chips for the BBQ
  • Coffee and tea
  • Printed handouts of useful information

The VNN has been growing in popularity with the last workshop having over 80 people showing an interest in attending. For the first time a cap on attendance was required and due to space issues, this cap was set at 20. There were 18 people in total who attended at a total cost of around $720.

If you would like to sponsor a newbie there are two ways to do so:

  • Donate a “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns” book
  • Donate $40 which will be used to defray the above mentioned costs

Unless otherwise requested, sponsors will be named at the next VNN so that new people know the generosity of their local scene in helping them get a start.

Donations of any amount will also be gladly accepted to help with costs and can be put into the hat on the table or bank account details can be supplied if requested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider helping the newer members of our scene.

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